About Wicklow

  • Self Guided Walking Wicklow Ireland
  • Self Guided Walking Wicklow Ireland
  • Self Guided Walking Wicklow Ireland
  • Self Guided Walking Wicklow Ireland
  • Self Guided Walking Wicklow Ireland
  • Self Guided Walking Wicklow Ireland

The centre spine of the Wicklow Mountains is on a granite base that runs in line of the peaks. Other gentler slopes are greatly diversified by expansive corries gouged out of the flanks of the higher summits.

Special features of the area to the east of the spine are the glacial valleys, such as Glendalough, that penetrate from the mountain range..

Lough Dan is the largest and least inhabited of these valleys and contains two lakes, spectacular waterfalls, steep corries, slow meandering rivers, white sandy beaches and remnants of primeval oak woodlands that once covered most of Ireland.

Also to be found at Lough Dan are a number of village settlements which were decimated following the great famine which saw the population of Ireland reduced from eight million to a mere two million, 150 years ago..
Lough Dan Valley

Lough Dan is a spectacular ribbon lake, which is situated beneath Knocknacloghogue and Kanturk Mountains. The Cloghoge valley is a typical U-shaped valley. Arctic Char Salvelinus alpinus was last recorded in the lake in 2004. This fish is the one of the oldest inhabitants of Ireland, it was considered extinct here until recent evidence was produced indicating the species still exists in Co. Wicklow. There are Peregrine Falcon sites on the steep cliffs overlooking the lake on the eastern side, and some lovely broad-leaved woodland in the Inchavore Valley. The Cloghoge and Inchavore Rivers are rich in invertebrates and breeding Dippers and Grey Wagtails can be seen around the river. Herons and Cormorants roost near the mouth of the Cloghoge River. The Valley is a haven for wildlife, Deer, hare, rabbits and otter may be seen, while red grouse, hen harrier, snipe, pheasant, merlin and many other species are still resident

The entire area is protected as a Special area of Conservation, a European designation.

The Wicklow Way

The “Wicklow Way” Irelands first long distance walking route, of 130 kilometres, is part of a network of long distance self guided walking tracks throughout Ireland, its easy accessibility with a wide variety of scenic experience, much of it in truly remote areas, the “Way” is the most westerly part of the E8 footpath which extends across much of Europe and overlooks the shores of Lough Dan, as it winds its way trough Wicklow from Marley Park in Dublin, to Clonegal in Co. Carlow.

St Kevin’s Way, Glendalough

The St Kevin’s pilgrim way, some 50 kilometres from Hollywood, in west Wicklow, to Glendalough, the oldest ecelastical city in Europe, which was founded by St Kevin in the fifth century, It was used for over one thousand years by pilgrims from other parts of Ireland making their way to pray at this holy city. Glendalough is only 5 kilometres from Lough Dan House

Lough Dan House is accessible to 35 summits over 500 metres, 24 summits over 600 metrers, 12 summits over 700 metres, 4 summits over 800 meters and Lugnaquillia, only thirty minutes away at 925 metres. There are also countless miles of moderate low-level hill walking and coastal areas, well away from tarred roads and traffic.

With such variety of routes on the doorstep to choose from, and all your holiday requirements taken care of, “Lough Dan House” is a perfect location for any walking holiday.